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Whole Body Health

Whole Body Health:

Oral health is a mirror and gateway to health in the whole body.

You have the opportunity to book one of the most influential speakers in the oral systemic arena 

and inspire your audience to achieve whole-body health, beginning with the mouth.

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Dr. Ariana's Story

At the start of her career Dr. Ariana had the opportunity to complete a life-changing mini-residency with her mentor, Dr. Bill Hang, who is a leading expert in airway-centered orthodontics. It opened her eyes to the relationship between jaw position, airway, sleep disordered breathing, and how orthodontic treatment can impact this relationship. Through this education she realized that her younger sister, Elena, was suffering from sleep apnea and that her early childhood orthodontics had likely contributed to it. As Elena underwent double-jaw surgery to reverse the prior orthodontic treatment, it ignited a passion in


Dr. Ariana, inspiring her to spread awareness, treat early, and prevent this situation from happening to others.

Airway health served as a catalyst for further education in functional dentistry. Dr. Ariana is proud to be one of very few practitioners who is able to address so many of the root causes of oral-systemic diseases, including airway issues, oral bacterial imbalances, and temporomandibular joint disorder. Patients and audiences alike seek her out for her inspiring approach to oral health.

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